Tuesday, April 3, 2012

BaJi Quan, Sunrise Sword

Huò Shì BāJí Quán, ZhāoYáng Jiàn, Huo Family Eight Extremes Boxing, Morning Sun Sword
from a Japanese video on Huo family BaJi Quan, featuring Huo QingYun (Son of Huo DianGe) performing the Huo Family version of the Chaoyang Jian.
Huo DianGe was the student of the legendary Li ShuWen "God Spear Li", he is also known for working as the bodyguard for PuYi the last emperor of China when he was setup as puppet ruler of Manchuko.
He had many students and although all his sons learned martial arts it was Huo QingYun who dedicated his life to spreading the family system.

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