Saturday, August 8, 2020

Sun Style Taijiquan in 1978 - Madame Sun Jianyun

Sun Style Taijiquan in 1978 - Madame Sun Jianyun

"Madame Sun Jianyun (1914-2003) was the daughter and main inheritor of Sun Lutang's martial art system, and specialized in its core methods of "three barehand styles three straight swords": empty hand and sword methods of Xingyi, Bagua and Taiji. Sun Lutang, arguably the most influencial martial artist of the internal family, learnt Wu Yuxiang style Taijiquan from Hao Weizhen after being an accomplished master of both Xingyi and Bagua; later in his life Sun created own style of Taijiquan; he incorporated key elements of all three systems he had studied into the body of Taijiquan. Sun style Taijiquan contains the quintessence of his life-long pursuit for perfection on the path of martial arts - which is described by the concept of Zhonghe - Central Harmony, permeating all its methods. This rare video was taken in 1978, when Madame Sun was 64, and is her earliest known complete demonstration of Sun Style Taijiquan. For more information about traditional martial arts of China please visit:"  by Jarek Szymanski

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